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Savor The Avenue 2014

2014. Our very first adventure to Savor The Avenue, the premier Delray Beach event of the year. We cut our teeth on this event and learned a few valuable lessons.

First, book early!!! When the menus come out, pour over them and make a selection. Don't wait til the last minute or you will be left with your fourth or fifth choice.

Second, if you don't get your first or second or even third choice, don't be bummed. Chances are, what ever table you are at, you will have an amazing time with amazing company and eat the most delicious food, brought to you by wonderful waitstaff.

Third, when you get to the event, find your table and pick your seat (Unless they have assigned seating at your table). If you are in a party of more than two and want to be seated together, stake out your claim.

We chose Lemongrass for our first event. While it wasn't our first choice, it did fit within our budget. And, given their level of organization, it was also their first Savor. That said, Boy oh boy did we make the right choice!

Our table was lovely. It was beyond lovely and understated. There was a clean, crisp freshness to the look. We were so charmed by every little detail from the decor, to the service, the FOOD and the fun company that we would chose Lemongrass again for 2015.

Below is a sampling of our various courses. I apologize that they are lacking in description. They did not lack in flavor or freshness. Congratulations to Lemongrass for luring us back for a second year.

#Lemongrass #SavortheAvenue #sushi

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