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Savor the Avenue 2016

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

50 Ocean's Mardi Gras themed dinner for the 2016 Savor the Avenue. This was our third Savor event and our first seated at 50 Ocean.

Table Decor 50 Ocean Savor the Ave 2016
Savor the Ave 2016 Table Decor

Savor the Ave is the highlight of my year when it comes to Delray. A night out on the town. A stroll down the Ave. And the longest dining table featuring stunning display after stunning display. Then, of course, there is the food. This year was course after course of amazing Canjun/Mardi Gras cuisine. I must admit to being remiss in my photo documentation at this event. Our table mates and I were having too much fun playing with the various headdress' and marveling at the decor that when the first course arrived, Grilled Oysters, we just scarfed them down. Oops no photo. We missed it again for round two which was a Mini Boil of mudbugs, redskin potatoes and corn.

Our next course, Legs & Eggs was delicious! Fried frog legs atop okra egg salad. Lightly battered and divine! The egg salad contained what is usually my kryptonite (Okra, blah) but I actually enjoyed every bite. Notice I remembered to take a photo after eating only part of a leg ;)

Legs and Eggs
Frog Legs and Egg Salad

Next up, Gator Sausage. While it was fun saying we got to eat "gator" anything, to me it was just a nice sausage. Get me to the good stuff!

Gator Sausage
Gator Sauasage

The main course was a choice. The Pig Picnic which consisted of a large plate of Braised Pork Ribs, Crispy Belly and Cheddar Grits and collards OR Lobster Jambalaya. My husband went with the Pig Picnic and I opted for the Lobster. A great way for us to sample each. Although, I'm pretty sure my dish was the clear winner.

While everything we had was delicious and very well plated and prepared, that Lobster Jambalaya was the big hit! Well done 50 Ocean.

50 Ocean Lobster Jambalaya
The Best Lobster Jambalaya...SO GOOD!
Pig Picnic
Braised Pork Ribs, Crispy Belly and Cheddar Grits and collards

Again, when the desserts rolled around, I forgot about photo documenting. The exception was my friend finding the King in our King Cake. Looking forward to the next Savor the Ave!

King Cake
Look who found the King in the King Cake
The Author and her handsome husband

50 Ocean Mardi Gras Table 2016
Mardi Gras 50 Ocean Savor the Ave Table 2016

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