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Covid-19 Victory Garden

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Back in the day, during World War II, there was a food shortage and families started planting gardens to sustain themselves, their neighbors and soldiers at war. The Victory Garden.

Today we are fighting a war against Covid-19, the Corona Virus. Now, more than ever we need to get our hands dirty and dig in the dirt a little. We need our own Victory over the virus and a victory garden in our back yard, or front yard or in a little container garden on our patios. Its easy. Its fun. And we get to eat healthy!

Over the years I have attempted many different types of backyard gardens. Hydroponic. Container. Raised-bed. All have been successful to an extent. All had their draw backs. The key is to find what works for each family and the space they have for gardening.

The author never lets a little inclement weather interrupt her gardening schedule.
Planting, rain or shine

While I did experiment first with hydroponics and met with some nice success, I'll save that information for another blog. Hydroponics is interesting and fun but requires quite a bit of equipment and chemicals for success.

On to gardening ideas readily available...

We started our first garden in the backyard with the help of our hens, who, eventually, were kicked out
Our First Garden

Container Gardens

I love container gardening for a number of reasons. First, its compact. Not much space is needed and you can utilize just about anything as a container. Below are Shishito peppers in a rectangular pot. Bell peppers in a standard round pot. And, I've even utilized plastic rain gutters that we attached to our old playhouse (now a shed). Our lettuces grew wonderfully in those make shift garden beds. The shed looked a lot cuter too with plants under the window.

Another reason for container gardening, they are portable. Not enough sun throughout the day in one spot, no problem. Just move your containers to the adjusting sun.

Raised Beds

This is my wheelhouse when it comes to gardening and in looking through my Hiers Hens & Herbs journal, I've had my raised beds since 2013. Over the course of time the beds have been relocated for various reasons. The first location was ideal for sun and shade but also ideal for being ravaged by our little flock of garden terrorists. Note the chicken wire fence necessary for keeping the ladies at bay. In the end, it made more sense to move the beds to a chicken free zone.

Victory Garden in progress
Harvesting Greens

Another reason I love raised beds, space. You can make them as big or as small as your property allows. We started with three beds about 4ft x 6ft spaced apart so we could mow between the beds. Each bed could be divvied up into rows or parcels depending on the crop. A bed for greens perhaps. Cauliflower and broccoli. Deeper beds built for carrots and root veggies. The possibilities are endless.

Cauliflower, marigolds and strawberries

Now lets get out there and grow something!

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